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Welcome to Ko-koro!

In Japanese, there are three words for “heart”: shinzou, which refers to the physical organ, ha-to, which is the Anglicized word for a love heart…and kokoro, which combines the concepts of heart, mind, and spirit. These three elements are seen as indivisible from one another. In Eastern culture, these three are not intrinsically linked. They are one.

About Us

Here at Ko-koro, we seek to collaborate on those projects that capture our  hearts and vision. Our projects include literary works, original films, and any project with a pure story and a dash of uninhibited madness.

The Memory Sword (released on October 26th, 2017)

The Zavalian (to be released on February 21st, 2018)

We look forward to learning as much as we can on our journey of searching out unique stories.

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